Our System


The Lease Harbor LLC system is composed of three full-featured, fully integrated areas of functionality:

Lease administration functionality provides the ability to track and manage leases, real property, and other assets (such as equipment and vehicles).

End-to-end lease accounting functionality allows companies to easily handle accounting throughout the entire life cycle of a lease.

Task management functionality enables companies to maximize day-to-day personal and group productivity through the use of tasks and template driven processes. Separation of duties for all three of these areas of functionality is provided via highly granular security groups.

100% web-based, easy to use, flexible, and secure, our system can be accessed from anywhere through a standard internet connection and a web browser. It provides an intuitive interface offering unparalleled simplicity, without sacrificing flexibility or advanced features.

100% Web-Based

  • Nothing to install - accessible entirely through a web browser
  • Unlimited simultaneous users at multiple locations
  • Changes are processed in real time and can immediately be viewed by any user

Easy to Get Started and Use

  • Lease administrator-friendly input and maintenance of lease data
  • Full support for conversion of existing data
  • Intuitive, fast and easy to navigate
  • Readily accessible executive summaries and drill-down reporting


  • Unlimited custom data fields and sections with multiple data types and seamless reporting/security integration
  • Comprehensive reporting tool allows clients to easily create and customize their own reports
  • Convenient data export for offline reporting and analysis
  • Powerful ad hoc searching and reporting capabilities

Secure and Reliable

  • Secured through industry-standard encryption
  • World-class infrastructure and technologies
  • Proactive customer support, unparalleled customer service
  • Client-controlled download of portfolio data and documents as a standard feature