Our System

Task Management

Lease Harbor's task management functionality allows companies to maximize day-to-day personal and group productivity through the use of tasks and templates. It puts automation and auditability around any repeatable process.

Task management extends the capability of our system to allow streamlined interactions between real estate and finance departments, management of real estate transactions, and management of broker/service provider relationships. It is used extensively by real estate brokers for managing commercial real estate transactions.

Task Management features and capabilities:

  • Allows real estate and finance departments to effectively coordinate around FASB/IASB
  • Documents the process of asset classification as finance or operating treatment
  • Creates auditable approval processes
  • Integrates with existing client email systems
  • Flexible security allows each user to be configured with varied levels of access
  • Creates permanent audit trail as tasks get completed
  • Manages large numbers of simultaneous projects and tasks with ease
  • Maximizes efficient communications within workgroups by removing the inefficiencies inherent in email
  • May be used as an integrated option within the real estate portfolio, or as a stand-alone portfolio
  • Unlimited custom fields allow clients to track those items important to their business
  • Reusable, client-defined templates can be created to automate any workflow
  • Always know the status and history of any task